I need to save the updating for later, when I’m less inspired and more distracted. When I start off writing by recording the day-to-day circumstances, it tends to take me away from the heart issues at hand.

Look at that.
Just, look.

I found myself completely inspired by this particular photo. Not just because of the evident and captivating beauty, but also because of the caption that was written underneath…

…We sat under the trees for awhile and watched them sway in the wind with leaves falling everywhere and Dusty made a comment about how small it made him feel. We are so tiny, God is everywhere. AMAZING!

I just imagined my two friends sitting there, looking up, completely awestruck by the beauty around them. And even though I didn’t tag along on this little autumn adventure, I felt that same humbling feeling Dusty talked about just looking at this photo; just soaking in the majesty.

Stacie is right, we are so tiny. Our God is so big. He is everywhere.

I know that I write about this all of the time, but I am just so provoked by what we can see.
The leaves in this photo, the trees changing colors outside my bedroom window, the rolling hills of grass and sunshine on my way to work, the way the colors of the earth changes as the sun rises to greet us in the morning, and how the world quiets in the silhouettes of muted colors at the end of the day before gracing us with the silvery moonlight by night. These images ingrained in my memory – in my retina, it seems – are amazing. Completely captivating.

In Nebraska this weekend, I stood in between rows and rows of golden corn stalks. For miles it was just bright blue skies and fields. We wandered (well, trespassed) through historic properties, abandoned rundown warehouses, and overgrown wildflowers. Even in the midst of all of this crumbling brick and shattered glass, there was much beauty to be found. I can see in my minds eye, how the delicate wildflowers and sunshine brought life to something that most would think to be so dead.

We traveled the long windy back roads home that night, immersed in this privelage that the Lord has not only made these things around us, but that we have been gifted with eyes to see. Such grace we experience daily, just to see the things that we see, to live an environment that speaks of the Lord’s great creativity, power, majesty and beauty.

“For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature.” (Rom. 1:20)

Seeing, is of course, a gift. But to see in the way that we see, is humbling.
To us, these were not just corn fields, wildflowers, leaves, or even a giant ball of burning gas, this was the hand of the Lord. Speaking to us, conveying to us, His heart.

And writing this, I feel as if it’s so cliche. So “blah-blah-blah”. But I also feel it’s something that our generation is sensitive to. Christians and non-Christians alike are captivated by the creation around us. Some know the reason why, and others find it a mystery, but for whatever reason you would like to propose, I know that the human heart is drawn to the work of God; the work of our creator.

Our God is mighty and glorious!

So much is building on this, I can tell. The knowledge of the Holy One…

We are so tiny. Our God is so big.

So, my friends, enjoy these autumn days with Jesus.

photo credit: Stacie Ann Photography


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