Life is in the Details

If you could hear inside my heart it’d probably sound somewhat similar to Damien Rice and others. Acoustic melodies, heavy harmonies, freeing rhythms.

Sometimes I like to ask people, “if you were to make music, assuming you are limitlessly talented, what would you sound like?” It seems like such a funny question, and it is, but I find that you can learn so much from a person’s musical choice. The ties that bind us to specific genres.

Something to think about.

While the music inside of my heart is calming and introspective, the music I would make would have more of an extroverted movement. Melodic energy themed throughout complex rhythms.

It’s fun to analyze things like this. Entertaining to know why.

I need my piano.

Yesterday was Friday.
A real Friday.
With Starbucks Friday’s aren’t really Friday’s if you work Saturdays.
You see what I mean.

Yesterday was.
I slept for fourteen hours last night. I woke and wandered downstairs to make a french press of Sumatra.
What a treat since three o’ clock mornings don’t lend me the time to enjoy moments like these.
I have a real weekend and a real good cup of coffee.

Life is in the details.


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