The Afterglow

I tend to carry my stress in my neck and shoulders.
I woke up this morning with muscle spasms running up and down both sides of my neck. Forget being able to turn my head from side to side or back and forth; it’s locked up. I’ve been sitting in this same chair, in the same position for the last two hours waiting for something to give.

Somehow I managed to lose my French Press and Sumatra, so I’m left coffee-less this morning. Drinking some watered down Folgers junk that tastes more like tea instead. Ha! Disgrace. I could really go for some Sumatra, please…

I work until midnight tonight setting up the full-fledged Christmas displays in Starbucks (which will be interesting considering how jacked up my neck is right now). This season is my favorite with the company. It’s colorful, high-spirited, and exciting. Well, once you get past the craziness of being understaffed and overcrowded in the stores at 8:00 am, it’s quite the experience.

Anyways, this whole setting up for Christmas stuff is really throwing me through a loop. I can’t believe that it’s Thanksgiving already. I can’t believe a year’s gone by.
I’m thankful it’s gone by.

I left my heart out there
If you look
You’ll find it in the upstairs bedroom
Near the drafty window
Buried underneath the piles of magazines in disarray

It might be on the bookshelf
Impatiently collecting dust
Hard to miss in this low lamp lighting
This bookend is just the beginning
Find me in the melody

Call me outside
To wander with you
Silhouettes before sunsets will capture
Overflowing heart strings you’ll see in my breath
Don’t lose me out here

By the end of this weekend, I will have spent only three nights in my own bed in the last two weeks. I’ve been living out of a suitcase packed full of too many shoes and not enough hoodies. The multiple locations are messing with my head. Like polar opposites, I go from one to the other with a whole new set of challenges greeting me at my arrival. Some memories I’m pressing back against until they disappear, others I keep replaying over and over wishing they would last. It’s cliche for a reason and a privelage to have such a sentiment to cling to. We are blessed people.

I’ve spent the last thirty-six hours trying to tie up the frayed ends. I have so much to work on, so much I need to be better at. I know I need to just let go. Breathe and relax.

Yikes, welcome to my thought process.


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