Post-Titled Blog: Fail

I can’t decide if I’m over caffeinated or just exhausted. Maybe I’m both. Last week was hard. This week will be better, I can tell. It’s probably because I’m listening to Tooth & Nail’s Happy Christmas (vol. 4) right now. Oh, and because I woke up to big-band swing Christmas music at 5 am before work. I seem to be starting my day off to some good tunes lately! ‘Whatever You Like”, “Country Man”, etc. It cracks me up. Jesus loves me.

This week started off well, that’s for sure. Well, minus an accident in the kitchen involving what was supposed to be amazing pudding and a bottle of flammable peppermint extract. Its beginning to look like Christmas – especially when you have your tree up and crushed candy canes on top of whipped cream – and I like that a lot. Stacie is a master in the department of tomatoes and fresh basil, and I’ve decided that I don’t really care for the smoked chipotle Tabasco sauce that Steve steals from Chipotle every time he’s there. Our friends from the country stopped through the cities for a bite to eat and some good ol’ hang out time yesterday. It was nice to have everyone all in one place. It’s fun to look around and see how different we all are from each other, and I love that. I might just go off on a rant about how there’s so much to learn from someone that’s seemingly opposite of you, but surprisingly the same…but I won’t. Bottom line: I love each and every one of my friends.

Work was eventful, to say the least, today. At 7am I was hauling gallons and gallons of milk into my car. Apparently the milk man was mentally M.I.A. last night and screwed up the order. Fifty-something gallons of every kind of milk was packed into my car for me to take back to our Starbucks. First of all, if there’s ever been a time that I’ve hated milk, it’s been now. Second of all, I’m glad I bought those black convertible mittens. Third of all, good thing I have a close relationship with tricep extensions and overhead flys at the gym. But the good side though was that all of that milk in one place made for a hilarious situation that interrupted the Monday morning routine which I was thankful for.

I finally decided to start getting rid of clothes. Anyone who knows me will agree that this is a good idea. I’m not a pack-rat, by any means. I’m totally fine with throwing out stuff and I learned early on that having an organized environment helps me to have an organized mind. But when it comes to clothes, I hate throwing stuff out. Probably because a lot of what my generation has been dressed is is “returning-fashion”. Man, I’d kill for some real-deal vintage t’s passed down from my Mom. Also, I just think it’s practical to keep clothes. You can always alter and re-invent things as the styles change, with enough creativity. Right now I’m wearing jeans and a zip up from my sophmore year of high school. Ha! It’s all classics though, so I don’t need to get rid of this. Anyways, all that to say that I bribed little brother, Matthew, with two Monster Khaos’ into helping me with this whole clothes project. This is what I have to look forward to tonight. Well, this and the gym. I need to run…

I’m annoyed with how pointless this blog is, and how far away I am from the grilled cheese and tomato soup upstairs.

I need a nap. I definitely need water. I need girls to either act their age or just leave me alone…yuck. 😦

Blog: fail.


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