Pst…Time Waster

[one of those blah-blah-blah things]

I love the snow.
It’s pretty. I mean, it it’s going to be cold it might as well snow.
I grew up where we got three-hundred inches of snow each winter, so I’m used to six foot snow banks and everything else included in that fluffy-white-wintery-stuff culture.
Well, except for driving.
This is my first full winter living up north since I’ve been driving so it’s quite the experience. I’m really nervous about my tires, I need new windshield wipers, and I like fishtailing.

In Marquette we had all of these trails behind our house in the woods. During the winter we’d cross country ski, snow shoe, etc. I miss that. I’m so excited to have a real winter this year, legit snow, and to do the things I missed out on the last couple of winters I had in Texas.

Fresh air.
But, it’s fresh!

The weather here is crazy. It wasn’t supposed to get this cold until January. We had a 36-degree Saturday with melting snow and slush that quickly froze over once we got hit with -10 degree weather.
Wind chill advisories for -40 degrees and…enough about the weather.
Point is, it’s C-O-L-D.

Good news is, we’re getting a heater at Starbucks for our drive-thru window.
OH YES, we work the window in this weather.
It’s insane.
But, I’m glad to have a job since the suburbs are apparently going to turn into the ghettos.

I gauged my lip today. I need to stop doing that, but I can’t make up my mind about a ring or a stud. I like both. I need to convert everything to 16 g.

The upstairs of my house smells like Hollister. I couldn’t figure out why until I walked into Patrick’s bathroom and found ten bottles of cologne. Not even exaggerating. Ten bottles. Ten different colognes. All from bro-shops like American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister. Oh man. He has me picking out a girl perfume from there right now. I’m supposed to choose from a couple, but they all smell so…girly.

I’m listening to punk rock bands and going all analytical inside of my brain about how rock and “the sound” has changed in the last ten years even. I’ve discovered that I have an eye and an ear. Ha. Right. No, an eye for photography. An ear for music. Enough for an opinion but not enough for any execution. Which, I hate.
So, I write.
Write about what I see, what I hear.
Clearly not now. This is the periodic blah-blah update to avoid replying to the “how’s life?” emails.
Which, I also hate.
I shouldn’t hate anything.
I hate when people say that.

The funny thing is, I talk in this format. No, I think in this format.
The Format. Reminds me of Chris & Stacie. Which reminds of my elephant that I left at the house.
Question: what’s heavier than plastic, but lighter than wood?
Answer: whatever my elephant is made of — WHICH — is a question mark in itself.
I found this elephant in the bushes at a gas station one sunny day. It’s been in my trunk ever since.
Until this weekend.
Unforgettable debut.
Need super glue. It’s been confirmed that the tusk of the elephant contains no illegal substances.

My throat hurts, which, I’m going to blame on the precious friends I love who like to drink my Monster & H2o.
Good thing I have 1,000,000% of the Daily Value in raspberry flavored Vitamin C. That fizzes!

I’m so stoked that they changed the open time at work. 5am instead of 4:45am. And those fifteen minutes make a huge difference.
I know it’s all in my brain, but whatever, it’s my brain.
OH! And when I got to work today there was a memo up about how we get Ethiopia Sun-Dried Sidamo & Aged Sumatra for our mark-out now instead of having to pay for it. Cha-ching! We know what I’ll be drinking tonight! And tomorrow…and the next day…and…
It’s been a good day.

It was a good weekend.
I’m exhausting.

Stacie has an Alien Bee 350-800-whatever. I learned this weekend not to look at it when it de-charges. Point is, it builds up charge and then at some point, that charge has to be released. That’s probably the best way to sum up why I have my outlets. This would be one of them. I assume that the reprecussions of not releasing the charge would be negative ones.
Enough said.


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