Wonderfully Complicated

I can’t bring myself to rip out last night’s ridiculous pages.
Something I’ll want to pick apart later.
There’s something to the madness, I swear.

I find that I hate the sun when it’s always around and I love the sun when it’s almost gone.

Everything is changing.

I wonder about how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.
What is more accurate if they say perception is reality? How do we know?
Who do we trust to perceive the reality?

I’m amazed by where you are and where we were so many years ago.
How things have changed.
We’ve become what we never dared to imagine.
We’re living what we only saw in dreams.
It’s amazing to me.
Grow, baby, grow or we’ll miss it before daylight.
Because when tomorrow comes, unsealed, it’s left unsaid.

He wrote you into my heart.

The cliche continues on.
Never really gone;  never ceasing to complicate this heart.
My complicated heart.
You’ll pick out certain names for me.
Dress me in whatever you want.
You’re clueless to who’s being swallowed
Unaware of my real name.
Don’t mistake the freedom for simplicity.
Don’t assume the joy means lack of depth.
I can show you there’s so much more under here in this pile.
Days where I’m a pessimist.
Days where I’m just like you.

They say opposites attract.
You say it too.
But I say we’re not that different,
Without a word I might be the only one that gets you.
Stop the rhyming.
Cut the chord.
Not yet, just not yet…
Pull me down; back to solid ground.
You bring patience to the table that boasts a meal of impulse.
Your opposite attracts my complication.

These paragraphs, some unrelated, are several different thought processes. All taking place at once. Overwhelming in their substance. Refining textures inside. Finding a way to say everything by saying almost nothing at all. Almost.

But put me in my element. Get me alone. And I will, I will. I’ll say everything, over and over, just to keep you there.


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