All in a Day’s Work

It was a good day today.

Last night I had this vision that I was putting post-it notes on my mirror in my bedroom. Each note was a reminder to pray for a specific thing.
“Remember to ask Him for…”
“Pray for…”

Some of the things written on these bright squares were common, like asking for the nations. Others were random…
This morning I woke up from a dream with the direction to pray for the women desiring children. In my dream I felt the heartache and the overwhelming yearning these women battle. It was like some sort of anguish. I remember the face of this woman; grief-stricken by this unfulfilled desire. The desperation was weighty.

This was all so out-of-the-blue and…real...
Just like the rest of them.
I don’t even know anyone that wants to have a baby and can’t.

Since this fall I feel like there’s been some sort of release.

I still remember certain dreams I had as a little girl. I can still see them clearly in my minds eye. While they’ve always been vivid and specific, I feel like the dynamics have changed. Within a few seconds of waking up, I know if the dream was just a static-scramble inside my brain from the day’s events, or if it was purposefully painted while I slept. Throughout the day I notice that the scrambled ones just fade away with little impact on my heart, but the painted ones leave their mark with the weight of a specific emotion and resolve. Sometimes the dreams will warn me with a refining purpose. Sometimes they’ll leave me overwhelmed with joy, peace, encouragement, or even love. Other times, like this morning, the dreams will leave me disturbed, provoking me to a place of prayer.

It’s exciting, encouraging, inspiring, unreal.
My favorite part about it is that I’m seeing.
Seeing God at work.

This whole year – well, what we’ve experienced so far – has just blown me away. The revelations, lessons, growth. The depth. The intimacy that’s found there. The clarity. The peace. The blessed assurance. I could go on…

I’m amazed by how fast everything is happening. Like a whirlwind, everything is changing, moving, shaking.
Hearts are unlocking, opening, overflowing.
Can you see it?

At 4:30am I was getting ready for work, thinking about how insanely early it was. My mind wandered to my friends and family that were fast asleep at that hour. (By the way,  I hope you were enjoying your REM cycle in your nice, warm bed while I was once again resisting the urge to skip the blizzard, abandon all responsibilities, and high-tail it to the nearest island to live forever under the sun…) I decided that since most of you were probably dreaming at that time, it would be fun to pray for your dreams and your heart while you slept. To those I love – be encouraged – your day was blessed before it even began, and I hope today was a wonderful day, filled with lessons and revelations of God’s love for you.

I’ve been really struggling with getting up so early, fighting the discouragement that can sometimes sneak in where there’s hard work and discipline. I try to remind myself of what is woven throughout Proverbs regarding hard work, discipline, promises to see the fruit of your labor, laziness, loving your bed, etc. But I feel like specifically praying for certain people while I’m up that early has really encouraged me – it changes my perspective on that hour, filling it with purpose and focus. Now I’m not only waiting to see the fruit of my labor, but the fruit of my prayers. Thinking of it all like this makes 4:30am a really exciting time for me now!

Work today was fun and enjoyable. I’m really thankful for days like these. A storm is moving through the area and I felt like I was working inside of a snow globe. It was absolutely breathtaking outside. The snow seems to interrupt the day-to-day routine, slowing things down just enough to stop and enjoy what’s happening all around us.

Everything was black and white today. Lacking color, but saturated in it’s own form of simple peace. I love that God slows us down with things like this. The concept of time is lost. Hidden away with the sun by these clouds, making the opportunities endless. The time; timeless. The landscapes change with imagination. Days like this make you wonder where you really are…

A woman was sitting in our store this afternoon reading “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller. We sat and talked about “The Barbarian Way” by Erwin McManus and “The Shack” by William P. Young. She said some things about “The Shack” that reminded me why I wanted to finish it. She talked about how amazing it is that God loves us and relates to us in such a personal, specific way. That’s Good News! Our God is alive! Near, not far-off, and at work in specific, detailed, and powerful ways in each of us.

I fish-tailed down the highway on my way home from work today in a blizzard, enjoying the slow lane. I watched as the sun set outside my window while I tried to jot down the days happenings…

This all stirred up inside me.
All in a day’s work…


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