Its true that I’m exhausted. I slept for fifteen hours last night. That’s absolutely insane.

I love when God interrupts my frazzled thought process with peace. As if all of the words and phrases are bouncing around in somewhat of a chaotic fashion, but with one look – one glance – everything falls into place, still and at rest.

That reminds me of the storm that was calmed. I imagine it’s just like that inside of my head.

The heavens cannot contain you
Not the highest height, surpass you
I’ll put my confidence in you
You’re mine, I’m yours

The harmony, more beautiful than the likes I’ve heard
The rhythm, victorious, undone and alive
We’ll lead with way with the light shining
They bring me to you

Floodlight, shine bright
Coloring the dark corners  lost in the chaos
The forgotten, exposed, awakened in full
Oh, Radiant Light



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