Lover and Friend

I dreamed last night that I was traveling, playing piano, and the artists I look up to were speaking to me on my journey about the importance of priorities.

The fruitful overflow.

Everything they do is an out pour of their first and foremost love for Jesus and then their love for others. It’s the favor and  presence of the Lord that sets them apart from all of the other people of the earth.

“You must love the Lord your God, with all of your heart, all your soul, and all your mind”

All of everything inside us must love Him.
Not part of us, not most of us.
What would that look like, for our hearts to be completely consumed with the love of God? For our minds to be free of distraction; captivated by this Love.
Can you imagine…

Can you imagine the fruit of that kind of love?
Can you imagine the impact?

Oh, that everything we do would be birthed out of this love
All consuming, lavishing, uninhibited, all abandoning
You will go with us
You have set us apart

Radiant by the light of your favor, your glory upon us
Our name you gave, our name you know
Lead us by the fray of what we yearn to grasp
You will give us rest


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