It’s the Orange Juice Talking

My heart is bursting at the seams!

I’m sitting here, watching outside, waiting for the rain to turn to ice and then blanket our world with ridiculous amounts of snow…

Jesus has been slowly but surely healing me since this last Thursday. My body is weak, but my hopes are high to see this tent restored for the efficient and effective work of Holy Spirit in me and through me. I’ve been pretty silent the last week, making me feel like I’m somehow getting lost inside my brain, and understanding that with me, silence is rarely ever silent. My mouth might not contain a sound, but my heart is active. There’s balance to be found here. It’s only in Jesus that I can let go enough to allow my spirit rest. And that rest is so sweet.

I went to Ohio last week. Funerals really are the best family reunions. The funeral, and the reminder of life being but a breath, were sobering confirmations of what my heart has been growing in; the reality of eternity. My heart is mixed up and heavy, grieved by the spirit of deception that plagues so  many we know. When will they see that these lies – this apathy, this indifference – is robbing them of true abundant life. My heart rejoices in You; our salvation.
You are the answer.

On a lighter note, it’s so unreal to be around people that you look like. I don’t look like my Mom’s side of the family at all, but this weekend I saw my tiny wrists and feisty personality mimicked in my Aunts on my Dad’s side. I now know where I get my small hands and feet from. I know now why I’m 5’3” with a 5’11” personality.

It all has me fascinated with identity, and how our identity plays such an important role in (obviously) who we are and how we go about living our life. Just out of curiosity the other day, I looked up my first name, Theresa. It means harvester; one who will receive great fruit for her efforts. The name is associated with the time of harvest, of plenty, of purposeful labors. Apparently, the name is connected to nature and growth. Theresa indicates a warm and giving personality; an open heart. Going further, I looked up my nick name, Reese. I found that it means enthusiastic, ardent, and fiery.

Can I just be honest? I’m a little freaked out by this all. What started out as just a nonchalant Google expedition, turned into an in-depth revelation of the correlation of names and identities.
I’ve been pegged…

This probably explains why I have some spiritual connection with the concept of trees, with nature, and growth; restoration and life. It’s all so right on.

But maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Let it be established and let Your name [and the character that name denotes] be magnified forever, saying, The Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, is Israel’s God; ” – 1 Chron. 17:24

I think of how Eve’s name means “life spring” and how that attributes to her character and destiny. I think of Abram (high; exalted father) and how his name was changed to Abraham, meaning “father of a multitude”. Or Jacob (supplanter – one who strategically takes the place of another), and how his name was changed to Israel meaning “contender with God”. I see how their name, and their new name, holds their destiny; their purpose and identity.

This is all just mismatched bits and pieces I’ve been turning around inside my brain lately about names and identity. It’s encouraging to see how my name confirms the vision set before me, along with so many other dreams and prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled.

All in due time…

My best friend is in Israel right now. There are certain words, phrases, and places that when spoken of, my heart feels like it’s going to set on fire and jump out of my chest. Israel is one of those places. Shalom is one of those words. I want to be there. Oh, I would love to be there…

Instead I’m here in my cold basement, wondering about names and praying over what You have set before me.
I’ve been pegged…



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