Where do I start? Another year older…

The Lord has been speaking to me about a new season. My heart has been anticipating all that He has in store as the winds of change blow across our heart and shake and settle what the Lord chooses to move. I knew that I would be going to church the night of my birthday, and more than ever I felt the anticipation build for that night. I thought back to the shifts that occured when the new year was being ushered in. I let my mind wander through the last couple of months of intense growth and revelation of the heart of God. I raced to keep up with the pace of the changes taking place inside my heart and in the hearts of those around me. I thought back to the conversations that have taken place, especially since the beginning of the year, and let my heart rest in the faithfulness of God who makes all things work together for our good. I felt the same expectation as I felt when I entered into a new, rich, season at the beginning of the year. I was told that the night of my birthday would mark an important shift in the beginning of this new season. I was filled with expectation and excitement for the surprises of God, but I had no idea…

My expectations, in the nature of God, were completely blown out of the water. I’m still trying to process all that took place last night, and I’m still in awe with the events and desires that turned in my heart to prepare me for that night. It was as if everything, all at once, all in one night, came together.

Words can never hold this love that burns my soul; my heart’s gone up in flames…

I sang and danced to my heart’s content before the One seated on the throne. I laughed and cried until I felt like my heart would surely explode.

My favorite church services are the ones where we spend hours in prayer and worship, singing and dancing before the Lord. Lately, I’ve been feeling this ache in my heart to worship, uninterrupted, for hours on end. I could feel it was coming…

Not a few minutes into the service, they announce that tonight, they will do things differently. There was nothing planned, instead, we would just follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. I instantly burst into tears and laughter; this excitement I couldn’t contain. He said it was coming, and here it was…on my birthday. I watched as waves of awe struck the hearts of people through the building. Waves of laughter and joy, especially, saturated hearts that night resulting in a celebration of the glory, the majesty, and wonder of Him who is after our hearts. He is so after our hearts.

I’m still processing all that took place, knowing that for most of it, there aren’t enough words to accurately describe that night. I rest in knowing that underneath the soil of my heart, roots are growing deeper, and it’s only a matter of time before I no longer just feel, but see the growth.

The annointing has been released in a fresh new way. There is a clarity like never before.

He knows and gives the desires of my heart in a way that brings glory only to Himself. What better gift to give me, than the desires of my heart on my birthday? Ah, my heart is so full; so in love.

Welcome to the new season…Happy Birthday, lovely.


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