Alleluia but a Glimpse

I feel asleep last night under such a weight. I woke up this morning to a release. And I wondered if maybe the overwhelming unsettledness I had felt in the last couple days was just a taste of the hopelessness I’d forever live in if you had stayed in that grave; or even if I had stayed in mine…

I sang new songs to you this morning. The words arose from the pockets of thanksgiving hidden on the inside layer of my heart. I didn’t even know you had sewn those in throughout these days, but the glimpse of darkness left me desperately running to the light.

And I can run to the light. It’s not just a yearning, to no longer live in darkness, but it is a reality. You’ve made the way.

Many prophets and righteous men of old longed to see what we see, they longed to hear what we hear.

Singing at the top of my lungs into the day caused me to be reminded of how free I am. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, I was reminded of how alive I am. My heart beats rapidly just from your touch, and I’m reminded of how treasured I am.

Though I am dark, you call me lovely.
You are alive; I am alive.


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