This is Life

I drove for hours along empty roads lined with empty fields. The clouds rolled along above me, going their own direction in a seemingly purposeful way. I wandered, instead, enjoying the moments that come just before the release in rain.

The same song plays over and over as I just let my heart attempt to wrap itself around the understanding of  “how he loves us, how he loves us so…”.  I’m filled to overflowing these days, finding myself quick to place my hand over my heart, as if to steady it.

And it hits me.
This is what it means to be alive. I am so alive. Living, breathing, singing, dancing, overwhelming-feeling alive.

I drink in the fresh air that rushes in and realize that nothing gets me like you do. You’re my heart’s desire. There’s nothing I want more than You, Jesus.

Your heart is for us. With fire in your eyes, the passions of your heart are consuming and intense. Your heart runs wild with longing to be one with us. Our other desires are just a glimpse of what your desire for us looks like, just a taste of what our desire for you looks like.
My delight – my desire – is in you.

Oh, how he loves us…

The reoccurring piano chords remind me that there is a rhythm in the nature and process of God. His perfect timing is a natural rhythm and progression in our growth.

I watch the storm move across the sky. The seasons are changing. Things really are changing, taking shape, maturing, and growing into solid ground. In my foolishness, I wouldn’t have created the time-line in this fashion, but in retrospect, all I see is the faithfulness and goodness of our God who works in perfect timing, in all things for our good.

Along empty roads lined with empty fields I heard him say, “fruition“…


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