I restored you once before and I will do it again. What the enemy intended for destruction, I will surely turn it around and use it for good. Hope in my name – for there is power in my name – and I am faithful, always, faithful, even in your weakness. You will not be overcome. This is just a process, training your heart to enter into new seasons and revelation of my love, my heart, my Spirit. Nothing is too strong for me. Nothing is too great. Count it worth it. Lacking everything in this Earth, but knowing me is worth it. But good news, you won’t be lacking anything. For in my perfect timing I will overflow your cup with goodness and blessings to equip you for every  honorable work. I am pruning you to make you fruitful. The rain will come. You will be refreshed. Remember that I am the faithful and strong one. Your heart is mine for the keeping. Surely I will grow you for my glory. Surely I will respond. I have not forgotten you. I turn no deaf ear to your call. Your voice is sweet and pleasant to my ears. I enjoy having you call, first, on my name. But it is for your own good that I wait to rescue and restore you. Testing through time to build character and endurance in your heart. This is just the process of growing. The roots of your real, but weak, love are growing deeper and deeper. I will sustain you. You’re understanding that nothing can satisfy like I do, and let me tell you that I will increase that measure of understanding. YOu will come to know and live with understanding that everything – you count loss – compared to knowing and loving me fully. This is strategic for preparing you to be one that stands as a shade tree for many in the days to come. Do not refuse or resist my teaching or my desire to refine you. Embrace this season with joy and expectation for what I will do. Worship – living, abiding in that place of worship – will strengthen you and encourage you when your mind seems to be spinning with all of the processes taking place in your heart. Worship – in that place of worship – will be where you find true rest. And there is rest for your heart. Surely I am coming to intimately acquaint you with my goodness. I see you. I am coming like a flood, if you would just keep waiting and watching for the rain. You will be lacking nothing. Allow me to reshape your mind – giving you a heavenly perspective to set the stage for the days ahead. 


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