Water of the Word

Psalm 19 


Dave wrote this to remind us that God is shouting ” I am here!” The sky is like God’s canvas. He’s screaming to all of creation, reminding it all…


Creation is supposed to create a wonder and an awe about the Lord. The question is supposed to arise in the hearts of men, “Who made this? How did this happen?” 


Then there are moments when God intervenes and He spoke in addition to His creation. He spoke to men, and then these men wrote it down. They put it all in a book, they put it in a scroll. 


Even further, He steps onto the canvas and paints Himself as a part of this artwork, and he puts on flesh, intervenes in history. Then He spoke to the disciples and they wrote it down. 


He opens up His heart wide for anyone that wants to come to Him. 


This book contains the very why behind the what. 


“I want you to know me. I want you to get to know me. I want you to get to know me. I am not silent.”


 This is the very word of God – there is something living and alive in this book. 


The expression of God contained in a book. God’s very heart revealed in a book. Creation will shout His being, but the Word of God will bring us into the fullness of the knowledge of God. 


There is a true power in the Word of God. It is the primary way of transformation. If you do not take the time with the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, and come to Jesus, you will not be transformed to the measure to which Jesus desires. 


Are you dialoging in the Word? You wonder why you feel weary and dry. Are you in the Word, fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit? 


The Word of God is what hedges you in. 

Psalm 19:7 – The Word of the Lord is reviving to the soul, bringing joy to the heart. 

Tension on the inside. 

But if you live – abide in the Word – your joy will be complete. Our perspective will shift. It comforts the soul. It lightens your eyes. 

The Word of God is our lifeline. 

One of the primary ways that we express God is through our tongue – through our Word – and the overflow of our heart. 

The heart is the arena of the live demonstration. This all demands a response

Creation is a love song. 
The Word is a love letter. 
Our word, our heart is a response

You will become most fully alive when you express love. 

You know us better than we know ourselves. 
You talk to us. 
You show us. 
You grow us. 

We don’t have to live in this tension. 

We become the very expression of God as we are transformed by Him. 

If you can control your tongue, you can control your whole body. 
Complaining, gossip, curses, these are things that will just shut down your heart. 
Time wasted. 
The tongue is the battlefield of life. 
Time wasted, energy wasted, the expression of God is being wasted. 
We need to see a different word and speak a different word.


  1. i loooveee the new layout of your blog.

    you’re beautiful.
    boy, do i miss you.

    ps. your link for my blog is old school. just so ya know 😉

    1. i changed it, but i can’t figure out how to take your old one off? i love that you have the same layout almost except this one is rainbow-esque! I miss you too…

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