Waiting in the Passionate Pursuit

[August 2009]


What makes your heart come alive? 

That overflowing, throbbing with life and fullness, sort of feeling that you get when you engage in the very activity or sphere of influence that you were purposed for. 

What causes your heart to feel as if it were to burst into flames at that very moment? 

What moments cause great inspiration for hope, passion, energy, and vision? 

In a single moment, seemingly disconnected with time, what shifts your perspective? 

What provokes a confidence in you as if to say that in this moment you’re exactly where you were destined to be? 

What is your element? 

Come alive. 


I believe that in many cases, for those in passionate pursuit of the heart of God and His call on their lives, desire speaks of the very nature of our destiny. Our greatest hearts desires and dreams are hints, keys, and motivations into the manifestation of our spiritual purpose and production on this earth. Passion accelerates us with an ambitious force into the realms of influence, creativity, and authority that we are called to. Vision is a pre-circumstancial point of reference. Vision is not retrospective, but rather that which inspires forward thinking and therefore, forward motion. We do not accomplish what we were commissioned for, and then look back with vision. We have vision first to accomplish what we were commissioned for. 


Before we can truly walk in step with the Holy Spirit as a part of a collaborative team in the Earth, we must receive a high, specific vision of what the Father desires to do. Where does He desire us to go? What must be accomplished? How will He use us in these areas He’s bringing us into? We must be people of purpose. Efficient and fruitful, exercising wisdom and being good stewards of our time and resources here on Earth. Making the most of every opportunity. We must be purposeful in our efforts. 


But before we can be purposeful, we must have an idea of how to be efficient, how we will be fruitful, how we will exercise wisdom. Without vision, we will be aimless and ineffective with no focused passion that is needed in bearing lasting fruit and instilling lasting changes. Our efforts, passions, desires, and burdens will be wasted in vain for our lack of wisdom. Our God is a God of order. There is a time and season for everything. There is a process and progression that takes place as we move and grow in what the Lord has for us. Moving outside of our seasons and given areas of influence prematurely could very well cost us the fruit that we so passionately long to see develop as we co-labor with the Creator. All because we had passion and purpose without receiving the specific vision first  on how He desires to accomplish such things. 


Without vision, the people perish. There is such hope, confidence, and purpose that is given with vision. True purpose lies within the vision. Purpose outside of vision is simply passion with no means of focus for seeing it spread. Without a vision that gives us purpose, the passions of our heart lie dormant as distant desires with no hop to bridge the gap to see them fulfilled and manifested. These passions will remain inside of our hearts as only dreams unless we have the vision and purpose to see them become reality. 


This whole thought process has led me to believe that there is a difference between dreams and visions concerning our destiny. Passion births dreams, visions birth purpose, and purpose births the dream of our hearts into a reality that is better than anything we could have dreamed of from the start: our glorious destiny. 


We’re missing out on so much more by running with the passions of our heart before we wait with the Holy Spirit for our vision and purpose. We want to be people who walk in the fullness of life, the fullness of our calling, the fullness of our anointing. Let us wait and contend for the high vision, purpose, and call that we were destined for. And let us settle for nothing less. 


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