The Winds Deliver

I have a month’s worth of dreams and writings recorded, and again, I feel like I can’t keep up with all that is taking place around me. To be able to generalize this past month would be simple, but to keep the meaning suspended leaves the possibilities endless and my hopes high.

I can feel the acceleration as we close out one season and move on to the other. A new oil and wine will soon be released, and I can feel the resistance building as we force ourselves to stay planted in spite of our natural desire for motion and movement. But the movement is coming, and the motion will accelerate.

Change is coming. The vines are being made ready for the harvest.

The next several weeks will call for the diligence and perseverance of this past season to be intensified with a passionate focus, devotion, and resolve before the end of the harvest season. How we spend this time will play a part in determining how much we gather; the measure of our increase.

It’s the Father’s privilege to conceal a matter, and it’s our privilege to search is out.

Let us not waste our efforts already spent and miss the banquet to follow.


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