The Self-Sufficiency of God

[Notes and thought processes from reading through A.W. Tozer’s “The Knowledge of the Holy” this morning. I hope the knowledge of the self-sufficient God upsets you in your false, self-important ingenuity as much as it has me.]

In what ways have I dumbed down the sovereignty of God by thinking that He needs me to accomplish something? He can accomplish anything without anything in Himself.

His delight is to include us; to co-labor with us. It is not a necessity to include us. We can’t do anything apart from Him, but He can do everything apart from us. In fact  He did, He created the whole universe without us first. In Him we live and move and have our being.

This just speaks of the overwhelming kindness of the Father that He would invite us to exercise our creative nature with Him. The whole lot of me figures that if He doesn’t need us, then quite the opposite takes place, we actually become a hinderance of the workings of God in the earth. But I must not miss the point in understanding that He has no necessary relation to anything outside of Himself; He is the Sovereign Almighty. He will accomplish what He intends to accomplish with us or without us. He makes up for all of our inadequacies and wrong turns gladly, just to be able to include us in what He is doing.

The Father’s heart. My imagination escapes me for a specific example in parenting. I keep going back to an arts and crafts type activity where a parent involves their child. More work is probably spent in cleaning up after the child and helping them complete the project, and in retrospect it would’ve been more efficient to exclude them, but their delight was in sharing the activity with their child. The Father is kind to include us in what He’s doing in the earth.

In the same way that God does not need us to accomplish anything, He does not need to exclude us to accomplish something. He is in the business of restoration. What Satan intended for evil, the Lord will turn it around and use it for good. There is something to be said about free will, but for those that invite the Holy Spirit to have His way in their lives, for those that have surrendered in their rebellion against the will of God, there is freedom to trust that He is bigger than our weaknesses.

The Father will not violate our free will, but He is also outside of time which brings a whole new concept and set of rules of operation. Part of me wonders if maybe the Father will act in His sovereignty, seemingly overriding our free will, but not in violation because He sees that down the road we have a desire to have Him work in our hearts. Or possibly, His sovereignty seemingly overrides our free will because we are blinded to our own desire for the Rescuer.

“Somehow my weakness has overwhelmed you, somehow my weak love it has stolen away your heart”

Tozer said, “It is morally imperative that we purge from our minds all ignoble concepts of the Deity and let Him be the God in our minds that He is in His universe...the high honor of God is first in heaven as it must yet be in earth.”

It’s Christ in you. Christ, working through you.

“We can’t do anything, God. And He wants to drive that down more and more and more and more until it strikes us in our core. And that is where true prayer begins to give birth. And its a creative prayer.”  – Corey Russell

Jesus, You are the hope of the nations.

“Yet, self-sufficient as Thou art,
Thou dost desire my worthless heart;
This, only this, dost Thou require.”
Johann Scheffler


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