Scribbled Parallels

This time of year the sun will rise with us again.
I feel the hope for hope arising as I page through memories in the quiet of the morning.
White light fights off the loneliness as these words play over and over…

“Dark is light to you and all you ask me to do is trust that what you say is true
Come and save me; you’re the only source of all the peace I need”

Save me.
Save me.
Save me.

I don’t need a thing.
You are all I need.

Between the fear and emotion I find the fullness of peace resting below a heavenly perspective.
Oh, give me eyes to see.

My heart is full with lessons in a day.
I barely understand, but I know you are good to teach me…

Desire is cultivated and proven in the waiting.

Joy and expectation were your motivation in the giving up.

There is a divine exchange in everything we gain.

I wait…

Could I even string these words into abstract phrases enough to remember?
I remember, everything is changing…

And I see so many parallels with you
Even when my sight is kept from tomorrow

Help me believe.
Help me.

Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this:
The faithful love of the Lord never ends.
You are always faithful.
Always good.

In every season of the soul.
In every season…

I can’t keep my hand on all that you are doing or where we will go from here,
But I have a deep-set peace that extinguishes the fragment of fear I find in my wondering;
You are a good, good leader.

And you know better.

I feel so awake.
So alive.
So sensitive.
So hungry.

Tiny phrases pull at my heart in the long hours
And beyond what I can see now, I know there is a depth being made in this new ground.
This ground I found, bought, and waited for.
This ground you found, bought, and waited for…

You are first of all, long-suffering and patient
You wait…

And so I will wait and say
You are worth it all
you are worth it all



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