The Running Ache

I love how my circumstances are engineered to carve out time for me to simply sit and rest.
I am at rest, hopeful, inspired, full, and thankful. I am happy to hide as a stranger in a coffee shop downtown in the middle of the afternoon. I am aware of the blessing we bring into every place we go. The changes we create in the atmosphere. The gift we are to the earth. Oh it’s Christ in me, Christ in you ; the HOPE of glory.
My heart has been unlocked in this place of desire and wait. How much more I have to articulate concerning that…
Soon and very soon.

I learn so much from running. I’m finding parallels in everything. There is so much to learn if we would see through the looking glass of hunger.
Give us eyes to see. Make us hungry, make us teachable. Make us humble; for only you are good. It is because of your loving kindness, your goodness, that you teach us; that you grow us. For you have not left us.
You have not left us without good leading.
You are good and your mercy endures forever.
I ran around Lake Calhoun on one of the rare and early spring days in the month of March. These days, before the spring rains come, melt the snow with warmth from the sun. The ice glitters under the light and dirt, mud, and puddles are a joy to see.
After months of running on a treadmill or on ice and snow, it’s hard to explain how freeing and delightful it is to have your shoes hit the pavement.

Solid ground.
I’m not sure how long the path is around the lake. Long enough to be a challenge. Long enough to build endurance. Long enough to feel accomplished.
After a while, as the distance increased, I found myself settling into a rhythm that carried me steadily along the path. At some points in a run, on some days, it’s all you can do to simply put one foot in front of the other.
I think back to the story of this one girl who was doing an open water long distance swim. There was a thick fog over the water as she swam. She could see nothing but where she was at. With her body cold and exhausted, she quit. She got out of the water and into the boat; defeated. It wasn’t long after as the fog lifted that she was able to see her goal was not only in sight, but so close. JUST out of reach. If only she would’ve stayed the course. If only she would’ve persevered with a fierce tenacity and resolve even when there was no vision.
I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be one that gives up because I didn’t press in for the strength to endure; the strength to persevere. How much more should we continue running the race as people that DO have vision. The fog has been lifted as people with the indwelling holy spirit and we have a hope and confidence that produces vision; we WILL see the Lords goodness here in the land of the living.

So here I am, in the natural and in the spirit, putting one foot in front of the other, staying the course, keeping the pace, and counting it all worth it just to see your face.

Words can’t describe the joy and accomplishment I felt as I pushed through every breaking point and reached my goal. The delight far outweighed the ache it took to get me there.
You are putting value on the ache of perseverance and the worth of waiting. The treasures of confidence and hope.
You are.

[photo credit: amy boettcher]


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