Drive: The Freedom of Desire

“I think sometimes that fear paralyzes us.

We’re afraid to take action, we’re afraid to move, we’re afraid to step out of the place where we already are;  out of our comfort zone and into new territory.

We’re afraid to risk because we’re afraid.

And we don’t have that faith that has this kingdom perspective; that we are a child in the kingdom. That we can go places and do things and we’re given supernatural provision and favor and grace and strength, and the list goes on. These are the benefits of being royalty. We have privileges that not everybody has because our relation, because of our bloodline.

Sometimes we don’t do anything, we don’t move, because we’re afraid.

Now there are times when you do get a clear word on which direction to move and where go and what to do. Or there’s times where you do take action and are met with a word to stop, back up, or alter your course.

Then there’s other times where you don’t receive direction at all and you’re left to make the decision on your own, but the Lord loves that! He made us and He loves our choices and He loves letting us pick.

What you pick reflects what you want. It shows your desire. It shows your individuality and your uniqueness. It’s His joy to let you pick.

We’re fine with making a decision with little things; with our comings and goings. We pick to read a certain book, or how we’ll spend our time, and that’s fine, He wants us to pick and He likes to see our heart and our intentions manifested in our choices. He loves our decisions, He loves to let us decide, it’s all part of partnering with Him, even in the little.

But when this concept is applied to big things, it is so fearful to us. In the little things, like picking what book to read, for example, there aren’t any huge ramifications of your decision. I mean, technically there could be, but you aren’t even thinking about  that, you’re just thinking “it’s between this book or that book, and I’m not really sure which one the Lord wants to me to read but I just believe that the Lord is going to speak to me through both of them anyways, no matter which one I read and in whatever season it is and God is good.”


End of story.

Read your book and enjoy!


But then we apply that concept of moving or big life changing decisions or school, or careers and you’re faced with obvious, big-time consequences and reactions for each choice you make. We don’t have that same kind of peace and trust and confidence to just move with the dream in our heart because of the risk.

We’re afraid to go anywhere or do anything without the Lord leading, without the Holy Spirits direction. And I think that it’s good, especially for people who are learning about surrender and trust and dependence, to yield themselves to the Lord’s leading. But also, I think that sometimes on the issue of trust and surrender there’s so much that we have to learn.

Learning how to trust ourselves. A lot of times when you’re learning about surrender you’re learning about trusting the Lord and His plans and purposes and how He’s good. But as you grow and you mature in the things of God, you get to this point where you have to start realizing that the Lord trusts YOU.

The Lord trusts you. You’ve spent all this time, through all these circumstances trusting the Lord, but  there’s a time on this journey of learning how to partner with the Father where you have to learn that He trusts you. He trusts you enough to not say anything and to partner with you in your decision.

It’s no fun when you have to tell a friend, “well, we’re going to go here, and we’re going to do this” and you’re the one that’s making all the decisions. In the natural, it’s just more fun to  let your friends pick. It’s more fun to not feel like you’re the only one interested.

I think this is the flip side of the “trust” lesson. The Lord trusts you and He’s good and He’s faithful. And how humbling to think that the Lord does trust us with things. He loves us and He trusts us and He put these dreams and desires in our hearts for a reason.

He’s given us wisdom to make decisions and checks in our spirit and there is so much freedom to trust God and to realize that God trusts us. To be able to make decisions, to go, and to believe that in the kingdom the answer is always “yes”, the answer is always “provision”, the answer is always “blessing; exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask, hope, or think of”. Unless you’re in the area of disobedience, which means that you did hear clearly but you’re in rebellion, then you can expect that you won’t have provision or the things that you need because God is good to discipline us and bring us back to that place of faithfulness and obedience.

We are people with the in-dwelling Holy Spirit, and a lot of this is just learning how to recognize that the leading of the Holy Spirit isn’t limited to the faint whisper, but also the ache of our hearts; the dream of our hearts.

We’re always waiting, and unless otherwise directed, it’s okay to move. It’s okay to take steps forward. It’s okay to move in the waiting. Faith is risk. It’s walking into unknown territory with confidence and expectation.

We are people who have been given freedom to move with the Lord.

So trust in the Lord, and trust also in yourself and the work He has done in you.

Make a decision. Take a step. You’re already making decisions anyways in how you spend your time that will either take you towards the dream of your heart and God’s plans and purposes for your life, or away from it.

Do not be afraid.”

With that being said, I’m moving in a few years.


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