From Generation to Generation

Silent moments like these are rare and precious in a life of constant motion.

For one who thrives on motion, I place a high value on silence and solitude.

My afternoon was filled with newborn baby pictures and reading through the blogs of friends that are pregnant and friends that are happily married, having one kid after the other.

This was all unplanned, but it just turned into an afternoon with an emphasis on family and married life. I learned about the fear and expectation you experience in the early days of your pregnancy. I saw the joy and wonder you experience when you, or someone you love, brings a new gift (or two!) into this world. I read about the selfless adoration of a wife for her husband, even in the unglamorous season of raising a newborn and a two year old. I marveled at how quickly things change, how just a couple of years ago they were in the season I’m in now. I wondered about what unexpected circumstances would arise in my own life that would launch me into a life that seems decades away. I thought about high visions and callings, and considered how and where diapers and nap-time fit in with all of that.

I decided that children are only children for a season, and possibly our greatest ministry responsibility is to the revival, discipleship, and commissioning of our own household.

We have the capacity to literally birth revival.

I also concluded, again, that God is brilliant to create relationship on this side of time. Especially in the context of married love and parental love.

I sat on my back porch today in the surprising heat of April and wrote for hours about the parallels of relationships. He has set up life to teach us, that that we wouldn’t just know in our minds, but that through real, tangible examples, we would experience how to love. How to choose love. The deep desire that provokes you to choose mercy, to choose forgiveness, to choose selflessness, to choose gentleness.

Family, in whatever capacity you choose, makes the lessons from Him and our growing in the revelation and knowledge of God so real and near. He’s giving us a point that is relative and making it so personal. So real. He’s giving us a visual. Just a glimpse that provokes us to see more.

It’s the great parallel of Love.

So I sit here, outside on what seems like a summer night, soaking in and savoring the silence that’s free from babies crying and household demands. I think about how years from now, I too, could be pushing babies in strollers on evening walks and learning how to love in a way that is a lot less glamorous but a lot more real than what I know now in the zeal of my youth.

And all I can do is conclude that You are good in every season of the soul.

Whatever comes my way…

Let my soul be at rest, again, for the Lord has been good to me.

From generation to generation, I give You praise.




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