Give Yourself to the Season

Look for that door of hope. Your prophetic release is right around the corner.

Humility – cheerfully put away your main agenda for what God has. Let there be a willingness to perform the lowest and the littlest for Jesus. Even to the point of being ignored by others. For humility is essential for revelation and the anointing.

“It starts with wine…” and this season of new wine comes with a purpose of refreshment and joy but also to expose the pride and arrogance of the uncensored human heart. For pride and humility are eternal enemies.

Be willing to be nothing and God will make you something.

Be joyful, even in your lowest position. Delight in being in the “back row”. Delight.

Prophetic dreams are being released in this season. Its an invitation to co-labor with the Lord and birth His purposes in the Earth. Its an invitation to cry out and pray. There is purpose and responsibility in hearing the heart of the Father and His plan for the days ahead. John Wesley said “God does nothing but in answer to prayer”. Proverbs 8 – “Listen to me” – hear and act. Listening, hearing, is our invitation to action. Fresh revelation is coming with an increased measure to those that are faithful in what has already been revealed to them.

There is an invitation to expectant faith. Just like in Song of Solomon 2 the Beloved is calling out “Come up higher.” He keeps saying “Come up. Listen – hear and act and be expectant.” We’re in a shift and acceleration period. When the winds begin to blow you can’t stop the wind.

We want to love well…in the back row. God is so kind that He’s telling us what He’s going to do. There is a season of great revelation and divine strategy that is coming and is even already here. In our immaturity and limited vision we might not even be recognizing the crucial way our circumstances are being engineered by God.

He is so kind. He is so for us. When we say “God we want more of You”, he really is saying, “I want more of you!” He is so passionate that we would be all that He created us to be. We cry “God rend the heavens and come down”, He cries, “You, rend your hearts!” And it’s not like we climb the mountain of holiness in one day. But we go this way, day by day, step by step, choice by choice, yes by yes, one day at a time…

Still, He is calling us to be faithful in the little. God is getting our attention. “If you do the little, I’ll do the big”. He wants us to know that He sees in secret. For even darkness is light to You. He sees you. He sees everything. He wants to take a bride somewhere that He can trust. For trust and vulnerability is cultivated through intimacy. He wants the supernatural to be more natural than the natural in the earth. It is one day, step, and choice at a time that we climb the mountain that God would trust us with. It all counts. That which tripped you up today, you will tread upon tomorrow. For He is after our hearts and in His kindness and mercy, giving us grace, teaching us, leading us, and growing us.

It is true, as you’ve probably heard, that there is a great invitation to the divine interruption in the media. This will take place by those who are not moved by the fame, money, or favor. There will be a creative download to those who are unmoved. A release of the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Downloads are coming, and the awards of the world will be given to the love sick worshippers. God is getting ready to shake the Earth. These creative mediums are awakening a love for Jesus. All in the midst of prayer. There are songs that Heaven sings that the Earth has not yet heard. The love song of love longs. God is getting ready to downpour creativity – books, music, plays, movies, etc. These will spring up outside of Hollywood and it will provoke Hollywood to jealousy. He is purposeful. He will get the worlds attention. He can and He will.

Prophetic voices so clear that even the unrighteous will want to see what God is going. He will have His way in every way!

Draw near. To the one called faithful, “you thought no one was watching.” Fresh revelation is coming to you.

To the 20’s generation, those in the long season of rhythm and motion, to the ones who hearts cry, “There’s got to be more, I know there’s got to be more…” MORE is coming! More is on the way. Be expectantly watching and looking. The anointing is coming behind the sound. There is a fresh new sound arising. There is more and soon you will see.

Finally, there are no walls, there are no ceilings. He is limitless. We are right there. He’s giving us a heads up to pray. There’s an order. We need to understand heart issues. God wants things put in order. We are in day one of the eleventh hour, in a season of acceleration and shifting in the prophetic. He invites us to the joy of devotion so that we aren’t moved by anything but His heart for us. Those that are unmoved by the things of this life are only lovesick for Jesus.

Give yourself to the season.

He is moving us into something great. It is with great joy that we let go, for He is doing a new thing.



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  1. hi 🙂 i know that you have no idea who i am but i stumbled upon your blog and it has really inspired & uplifted me so i wanted to thank you for being so open and honest about your relationship with Him 🙂

    much love,


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