A Good Wine

The days that seemed to move so quickly without hardly a chance to catch a breath are starting to settle into consistency.
With familiarity and uncertainty permeating the air around me in a way that transcends time, space, and illogically all tension.
I’ve given up all hope – and found all freedom – in being able to keep up with the introspection.
I’ve abandoned all measures and man-made indicators of growth, progress, and success.
I’ve set my heart to adopt the name I have always had spoken over me.
For I cannot afford to think differently about myself than He does…

Breathing is a reoccurring concept introduced in conjunction with the measure of peace that is available to me.
I have such a choice; to choose the amount of riches I carry.
You withhold no good things from me.
You are good. Always good.

So many choices.
To choose to give way to fear or faith, sorrow or joy, poverty or royalty.
The opportunities for growth present themselves as tests found in the forked road where beliefs are exhibited through decisions.
We always get to choose.
But I’ve found that the questions are always the same;
Who are you?”

If I saw Him rightly, if I saw myself rightly, how differently I would choose.

Prophetic declarations of truths that have been established generations ago are waiting to be manifested in us and through us.
Spheres of victory and authority are waiting for us to take our place in.
All in accordance with the everlasting, absolute truth of who He is and who we are in Him.

Another perspective shift is coming, like many before, and everything is changing from glory to glory because of His kindness to let me grow. I am being aged and refined, like a good wine, to be the finest so that Jesus might get His full reward.
He’s not coming back for a boring bride, but for a beautiful, fine, enriched, intoxicatingly passionate people.

So grow.


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