And Now I See

Slowly, I’m finding room to breathe.
More and more, as the days pass by, I’m adjusting my perspective to that of Heaven instead of Earth.

A series of “accidental” events left me committed to one of the most humbling events I’ve ever experienced.
And under the harsh lights of perfectionism  and self-criticism, I was left counting down the minutes with only one thing to stand on:
I am loved by God, I belong to Him, and He is everything that I need.

And I was so happy…
So happy to find life in the lowest place; to know He loves that place.

In one evening – in one moment – everything came into perspective with the sharp realization that I can’t do anything apart from Him.
I am what I am by the grace – kindness, favor, compassion, goodness – of God.
And only He can make my efforts successful.

It’s beautiful.
Beautiful to draw near.
To need.

And I’m finding a whole other side of my heart that is increasingly rich and beautiful in the rest.

To just be loved.
To just be.

This is my inheritance, to breathe.
(There is joy in the letting go. Amen.)


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