Always, You Lead Me to Pastures so Green

Suddenly I’m past-half a year younger, sitting alone in my own assurance, supported by my self-constructed crutches, still wondering how it will all turn out.
Constantly wrestling with the possibilities and uncertainties  with an unbelievable amount of hope that transcends all risk in this place.

And I never dreamed it would look like this.
I never knew just months ahead I would feel like this.

You can do it in a thousand.
You can do it in a moment.

Everything has changed in this year.
Some expected, most unexpected, and everything good.
Still, I never grow weary of the motion and the stretching-pain of growing older; growing younger.

Oh, how rich and full it is to live with you.
To really live.

Your love is better than everything and anything, Jesus.
Thank you.

I am alive even in the faint evidence of doubt and uncertainty when you stir my heart with hope for the future and the truth of your goodness towards me.
You are always pursuing me with your goodness.
You withhold no good thing from me.
You are always working everything for my good.

Your kindness and compassion are astoundingly infinite in measure.
And that’s where I find my rest, in the knowledge of your goodness, in the life and peace you give, and in your good, good leadership that protects and comforts me.
My heart overflows with the fruit of your goodness.

Past-half a year older, I have concluded it is rich, and good, and safe, and full-of-wonder to live with you forever.


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