And Many More…(1/6)

One year ago today marked the beginning of something wonderful.
Twenty five years ago today marked the beginning of something wonderful.

I can remember the day like it happened last week. I spent the evening picking up ingredients at Target (our favorite thing to do), cooking dinner, and  baking bran muffins with my best friends. We made a video message for the little sister they left behind.

Just the two of us stayed up so late talking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. We got up as early as we could to go to the gym together and work out. He made me coffee just like he always does. We exchanged presents in the car. It was such a treat to be together. That was just the beginning…

Little did we know, this birthday would be the beginning of a year where we’d see everything changing.
And it has.

Never in my wildest dreams (and they are wild) did I imagine it would be this good to know and love you.
And every bump in the road – every fear of failing, every moment of confusion, every struggle to learn and grow, and be brought forth in love  – in this last year has been more than worth the rarity I’ve found in you.

I watched the video we made one year ago and I’m amazed by how much things have changed. You have played an integral part in who I am today, and as one of the most kind and gracious men I know, your loving patience has freed me to learn and grow and love in ways I never knew were possible.

When I imagined what this would be like, I never imagined this.
I had no idea it would be this good or that we’d grow this much.
And oh, have we grown!

I love everything about you.
You’re a gift to the world around you, and you have blessed my life more than you’ll ever know…

Happy Birthday, Seth Aaron, you are my favorite one.


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