Dream On if I’m Not Everything

I believe that my body fighting off some sort of sickness, causing me to lay low all day, is the grace of God on my life.
I can’t remember the last time I sat around and did nothing but let my mind wander…

I’ve come a long way from working 60 hours a week. When I started in my new position at Starbucks I decided that I would work whenever as long as I had Saturday evenings and Sundays off. I saw during that summer – when I ran myself into the ground trying to do and be everything – how important it is to have a day of rest.

My Sunday’s have been full of wedding planning and dreaming. Mostly it’s consisted of running around town finding discounted card stock and hand-drawing maps and RSVP cards for the invitations with one of my sweetest friends. Last Sunday was spent with my favorite man, getting bubble tea and meeting friends at the Mall of America, making naked (boneless) buffalo wings for the Super Bowl, and drinking white wine while we searched the internet for the cheapest Honeymoon.

Sundays off are God’s gift to His people.
For real.

But when they’re full of commitments and things-to-do lists, it’s nice to have days like today where you’re forced to rest.
Tomorrow I’ll knock out all there is to-do. As for today, I’m just dreaming.


Give me a break.


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