I Get by with a Little Help

I’m marrying into the name “Highly Favored” and I see it so clearly in this season.

With Seth being gone, I had imagined that I would be planning so much of our wedding on my own.

But I have been so surprised and delighted by the kindness of my friends who don’t even think twice about helping me plan this day!

One of my favorite days in this whole process so far has been the time that Tara and I met at a coffee shop while Seth met with their manager in another part of the cafe. Tara and I sat at the high bar with blank sheets of paper and coffee mugs scattered about, making lists, and dreaming up what needed to happen between now and then. She’s such an easy, understanding person to be around. Everyone who knows her, LOVES her, and her ability to make ANYTHING fun is one of her best qualities. I am so thankful for Tara and the example of a good friend that she’s been to me.




I thought that I could do it on my own.

And even after hours wasted of trying to navigate an open source illustration program, I still had resolved to “do it myself!”.

I got out of worship practice and was completely surprised to find that our bass players wife had designed our whole invitation during that time!!

What a surprise and WHAT a blessing!

It’s EXACTLY what we wanted and something I never could’ve done…

Thank you Jesus for the kindness of friends and family.
Thank you, Holli, for being so amazing!

This is SO fun and SO rich to see the Lord provide in so many little ways!



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