Worth Doing Poorly

Last time I sang on the worship team, I had this pivotal experience where I learned the happiness of going lower and lower.

This time I sang with such a measure of freedom and happiness, of joy and easiness. All we have to do is love Jesus. That’s all we have to do!

I love worship because it’s the ONE thing I don’t feel the pressure to be a perfectionist at.
Absolutely should you be skilled in your instrument, but what’s so much more important than that is laying everything down – going lower and lower still – to LOVE fully. It’s from that place that the Holy Spirit is given the freedom and space to move and paint and color the atmosphere to His heart’s desire.

Come and have your way.

What a happy thing to lead others into LOVE and revelation and encounter that supplies all our little hearts could need.

Oh, Jesus.

I played the djembe during worship at Nighwatch back in the fall – just for fun since the worship team that was on didn’t have any percussion for their set.

Months later, I get a voicemail from church, they’re needing a djembe player for the next six weeks for worship before the Firm Foundations small groups start and they were wondering if I’d be willing to do it.

I burst out laughing.

SETH plays the djembe.
I just PLAY the djembe.

This story is a lot funnier if you hear me tell it in person, but I called the church back and told them that even though I’m lacking the 170 lbs. of pure, ripped muscle weight, and strikingly good looks to be able to play well, I’d love to!


Strikingly good looks.


I played last night.
It wasn’t perfect.
But I was so happy because it didn’t NEED to be.

That wasn’t the point.

I walked to my car laughing to  myself, so happy to be free to go lower and lower, counting it all loss compared to knowing and loving Him.


I’ve discovered how much joy is found in doing things you suck at.
If you know me, you know this is really good for my heart.


“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly“.


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