You’re All Invited (to learn and love)


I have a million things to say; some lighthearted  and some heavyhearted introspection.

I can’t remember when it was, but at some point after the first of the year (my life changes so much every year after onething conference), I got so fed up with waiting – out of fear, not faith – and WE SET A DATE!

April 23rd, 2011.
It sounds like a beautiful day to celebrate love.

Back in October we got a prophetic word from this man who, knowing nothing about either of us, started to spell Seth’s last name.

I burst out crying.

He went on to describe Seth Aaron, telling me what a lively guy he is, and laughing as he watched visions of our life before his eyes.  We stayed at church until 4am that night. He was seeing and speaking and praying.

And I was crying in between lightbulb moments of revelation.

At this point in our life we had been asking the Lord for a specific date to get married. We already knew that we were supposed to get married, but we were so afraid to do something out of God’s perfect timing and screw it up. Especially with all of the unique variables that were involved; my job, the band, where we’d need to live, etc.

That night it had been revealed that our hesitation was rooted in fear, but the word was:

“The Lord wants you to get married. All of heaven wants you to get married. The Lord says, “YOU pick the date” and He will take care of the rest.”

So a lot had been exposed that night. My fear of making a mistake, or operating outside of God’s timing (and protection and blessing), or facing the expected judgement from my accusers who I assumed might just roll their eyes and say, “here she goes again”.

But “in the same way that Mary’s accusers were silenced, so also will your accusers be silenced.”

We walked away with lots of freedom that night.
Okay, WE can pick the date. WE can pick.

So the next week on Thanksgiving weekend in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, we get engaged.
Progress, progress!

Still, we hesitated on setting a date until we got the job and place to live worked out. With Seth needing to play drums (yes, NEEDing!), we couldn’t just live in an apartment. We’d need to live in a single family house or something so he could actually practice. How in the world would we find a house that we could afford to rent without living in a neighborhood that I’d be afraid to live in alone (when he’s on tour)?

We were considering all of our options and I was growing more and more discouraged with every hour wasted on the computer imagining this property being our new home.

How are we EVER going to get married?

I was talking with one of my partners at work who was asking me about what we’re going to do if we find out that we’re pregnant and how that would affect the band and our life now. My quick and sure response was, “Well, in the Kingdom, where there’s a NEED, there is PROVISION. So if there’s a baby, there’s more need, and more provision.”

It was so simple to me. But his response to me is what changed everything, “So, don’t you think that applies to everything you need to get married?”.

It was like a lightbulb went on and the whole room of my brain exploded in light.
There are needs that need to be met for us to get married.  In the Kingdom, where there is a need, there is a provision.

I remembered the word we got in October, “YOU pick the date” and He will take care of the rest.”

We set a date that week.

We had no idea where we’d live or where I’d work or where we’d get married but we were believing our hope would not disappoint. Where there’s a need, there is provision in some way shape or form, and He is faithful to supply.

He could do it in a moment. We knew it.

The Lord told me so clearly as we set the date that my peace and my joy (that comes from trusting the Lord to take care of us) through this whole process would be such a testimony in itself to where my hope was found.

That week the perfect house and venue fell into place.

ALL we had to do was trust and act out of FAITH, not fear.

I’m working hard to keep the peace.
I never had a happy engagement.
I remember being stressed out to plan a wedding and get it all together.
It’s the grace of God on my life in this season.
For real.
I’m so laid back about the wedding that it’s unfamiliar…and funny.
It’s so HAPPY to be in love and not worry!
This whole process has shifted my perspective to understand what is REALLY important.
This is all in vain if I haven’t learned how to LOVE (and trust and lean).
I am getting married & I am happy!

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