A Wise Woman Builds: Creative Home (Life) Inspiration

I’m practicing relaxing. I think I’ve been sitting in the same spot at the kitchen counter for almost 8 hours (I took a break to vacuum).
It’s easy to do when you’re catching up with blogging and getting lost in the great abyss of the internet as you’re registering for a wedding and collecting inspiration for your new house!

I just wanted to collect all of my inspiration in one place and add to it as needed in these days leading up to “the big move” and “the big day”!

There’s a cute little white door with a glass window in my kitchen that I will hang an apron from.

I found these at Anthropologie:

I couldn’t decide which one I like.

Speaking of kitchens – other than the light blue walls, the hardwood floors, and the white trim – the kitchen is my favorite part about our new house. It’s painted in this fresh light, light sage green. With the white cabinets, vintage sink, and butcher block countertops, it will look so crisp and clean. I think I’m most excited to move into the kitchen!

We registered for a lot of kitchen stuff from the Giada at Home line at Target. Since Seth is so consistent and practical we’re going with “the universal colors”, as he likes to call it, of white and stainless steel (this includes the Kitchen Aid mixer that WAS going to be light yellow).

Here are some kitchens I found and love:

I have a ton of wall space on the north side of the kitchen where I want to hang either a chalkboard or a combination chalkboard/bulletin board.

Chalkboards are so fun to make using vintage frames or windows. You can get the same chalkboard pens that they use at Starbucks for the Daily Offerings Board at Michael’s craft store. This is an easy way to keep your chalkboard looking clean and fresh.

I especially like this idea of hanging a wire from one end of the frame to the other and using close pins or clips of some sort to hang spare notes and pictures on your board if you don’t want to cover half of your frame with adhesive cork board.

I want to hang a big chalk board in our living room or dining room with some sort of language written on it in script like the one below. I’m thinking excerpts from The Good Book, quotes from wise men and their literature, and song lyrics. The nice thing about having a huge chalkboard frame is that you can change the message for every season of your soul.

I’m still looking for a dining set for our dining room. I’ve found a couple in Minneapolis through Craig’s List, but I’m holding our for a 7 piece dining room set at an affordable price that will match our decor. Otherwise I’ve found a few (and affordable!) vintage farmhouse 5 piece sets that would look SO cute in our home.

Everything is pretty light and white in the living room minus the dark chocolate eggplant colored couch from IKEA that we’ll have in there.

In real life it looks much more of a dark-purple-brown.

We’re really wanting to get two of these Poang rocking/reading chairs eventually:

If you’ve ever taken a trip to IKEA, you know these are surprisingly so comfortable to sit in.

I bought an old solid oak coffee table at a thrift store a few years ago and sanded it down, re-stained the middle a dark cherry wood, and painted the rest of it a satin black. It has been the “entertainment table”, housing the flat screen downstairs for the last couple of years.

I guess I’m going to have to get all my furniture in there before I can really get a good idea of what look I’m going for, what we’ll put where, and what we’ll have to go searching for.

You can mix so many different colors and patterns if you choose a consistent wood finish for your furniture. White, dark wood, light wood, metals, black satin finish, wicker, etc.

We’ll see how it all looks when we get in there. I know Seth will hardly care as long as we barely have to spend anything to furnish the place!

I’m really liking the fresh, light, bright, and white look for…well, for everything! I also love the idea of hanging empty unique frames on the wall. However, I love the idea of a 4’x4′ block of space to hold different sized of white frames with black and white pictures (of my smokin’ hot husband (to-be)!?).

You can attach little hooks and string wire from one side of the frame to the other to hang your jewelry in your room.
What a cute idea!

If the colors of your books are a little too much, you can just stack them so that the pages show instead! This is a great way to keep your bookshelf feeling less cluttered and “loud”.

This room, below, is so calming to me. It’s still colorful and lively, but so serene even with the different textures and patterns.
If you mixed Seth’s contemporary, geometric, minimalist style with my anthropologie-loving, pottery-barn raised style, you’d probably come up with something close to this:

Or this:

There’s a garden on the sunny, south side of the house that I’m so excited to keep going while we live there! I’m already researching the different things I’ll start growing for my spring (summer here) and fall harvest of vegetables thanks to Martha Stewart Living.

(True story: when I was 12 years old I got up early every day in the summer to watch Martha Stewart. I was pretty much raised on her…then she went to jail.)

Martha Stewart online has a Culinary Herb Garden and Vegetable Garden guide.

Some vegetables I have to start growing indoors about 8 weeks before I even plant them outside.
I’m getting married in 11 weeks?

I wonder if I could start a garden, move to a new house, finish my training to be a store manager, get my mileage back up for running, play djembe, AND plan a wedding!

Does that sound like too much?

Usually this time of year is when things slow down and the summer is the busy season with festivals, weddings, road trips, beach time, more festivals, bonfires, etc. That all sounds so nice! By the time the wedding is over and we’re all settled in, summer will seem like a BREEZE!

It’s going to be the best summer I’ve ever had!

This whole post has properly prepared me to go make a Wedding/Move-in spreadsheet of what we need and what we need to do before this glorious season of spring & summer!  My heart just might explode with creativity and productivity after today.




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