In a Rich Man’s World

It’s tax season and even though I haven’t gotten most of what I wanted to get done this morning, I’ve at least finished filing my taxes!

By the way, I think Turbo Tax Basic is just about the easiest way to go about getting the maximum refund and getting your return quickly.

As productive as I feel, I don’t know if I should be depressed about how much the United States Government takes out of my paycheck, or if I should be excited that I’ll have some “surprise” cash to save…

I’m currently surrounded by piles of paperwork, which reminds me: I have a lot of organizing to do…
I’m really bad about opening mail. All of my bills are paperless so unless it’s obviously a love letter or a party invite, it gets stashed away. Usually thats fine until I find out (like today) that I had a check in the mail from Wells Fargo from April that’s void after 90 days.


I have big plans for an organized space in our new house with all of our paperwork and important files in one place.

I’m dreaming of those simpler days that are just ahead…

In other news, we are no longer getting married at Club 3 degrees in downtown Minneapolis.
We were allowed to use the venue by the kindness and favor of God for our April 23rd wedding up until this week when we got a call that someone else has bought the building and Club 3 will have to vacate by March 1st.

Uh oh.

Right before I freaked out inside my brain I remember that the LORD was the one who got us this venue in the first place and He’s not surprised by this. There’s a plan here!

Pastor Nancy on the other line went on to tell me about how Epic – this swanky club across the street, home venue to Snoop Dog, KT Tunstall, Papa Roach, and T-Pain shows – would be honoring the already scheduled dates that Club 3 had on their calendar. And because our wedding will be a short – but oh so very sweet – event, it leaves them the evening to book shows, working out perfectly for everyone!




[um, our ‘brotha’ T-Pain at the Epic this year]

I’m just happy to have SOMEPLACE to get married!! Although the LED lights and back lit alcohol bar is not really what I imagined. It’s taking some getting used to to imagine us getting married at Epic, but I just find myself laughing at the thought. I’m so happy to have a place to get married that it doesn’t matter! With every little issue that comes up (like, will there be enough food for all of Seth’s Facebook friends/fans he invites to the wedding?) I find myself laughing and exclaiming, “I don’t know, but I don’t care, cause we’ll be MARRIED!”.

Oh, that’s not to say I’m being careless or rude or socially inept, but when it comes down to it, what’s the point of the wedding anyways? We’re celebrating love and covenant and a (finally final!) union between God and man! I mean, if I were having a cupcake party I’d make sure there was enough for everyone!…but I’m not. And I mean, even if we DO have the best cupcakes, what we REALLY want you to taste and see is that the Lord has been SO good to us and wants to be good to you too!

I wonder if us getting married at Epic is in anyway a prophetic picture of us being immersed as lights in secular culture.
Hmm…maybe Seth could be live percussion for T-Pain! Yes, I think I’m gonna love this…



One comment

  1. Oh I LOVE this. I love that your God-glorifying wedding is at a club. I love that you are so, undeniably happy and content.

    And let me just say, it doesn’t matter if people don’t eat. In 50 years you won’t remember who ate, you’ll remembering who you saw at the end of that aisle and how God blessed that day as the start of a glorious future. And that your hubby looked smokin’ hot;) At least that’s what I remember!

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