A Valiant Effort

Sometimes when I really miss Seth I listen to his drum parts on their records.
Over and over and over.

I’ve been listening to my favorite band and cleaning since I got home from work.
What started out as just straightening up my room turned into deep cleaning the walls in my bathroom, bedroom, hallway, and stairway. That obsessive compulsive, perfectionist, psycho-cleaning turned into my emptying my room completely – except for a bed, two end tables, two lamps, an alarm clock, and a keyboard – and getting a head start on packing for six weeks from now.

I really miss Seth.


Tonight I found a to-do list of everything I needed to do to get out of Texas. How sad…I instantly remembered feeling like a lost little girl. So many things I had to do at such a young age…(the Lord is restoring my innocence (thank God!)).


“Blank about to be written upon
Wonder with a while if this is ours
Morn of the year wakes a song

Oh, the song to float to, soar
Empty space, meet your match
You’re the history we’re making
With ink’s organized splash
We’ve naught to boast the lack

But forecasting tells, reality
Focus, love, pray, stay, beloved”


“I burn to share all of this passion with another human being, that is himself, bubbling over with passion, sensitivity, emotion, and inspiration for and from the Lord’s heart.” — Oh, my little heart. I wrote this in 2006.


“Next I will write a heart inspired by your song.

And with you gone,
I find myself drawing nearer to you
Yearning for the day we won’t have to say goodbye
But relishing our journey, hand-linked, paper to paper.

To thee I wish you a good night
To me, I hope the same as well
So now as I turn off the light
I bid you a fond fond farewell

There is just so much more for me to say
But I really don’t have time to explain
Call me sometime when tomorrow is today
For I must sleep to ease the pain

We have but a few hours before daylight returns to a world of cold reason
Until then, my beautiful, my heart will surely fend
No more messages after this will I send

So till first glance my heart will come to mend
And then my arms will fully extend
And we’ll embrace like the world has no end.”


“And a time will come when we’ll be dumb
She’ll turn and ask “are we done”
But of course we’ve only just begun

And she will sing as I have sung
The story that was told before time was spun
And we will find ourselves standing naked there
But our better halves created bare
As God once put us under blunder
The sin that ourselves now is under
And we’ll stand hand in hand face to face
Greeting our God with a kiss
Greeting our God with a kiss
Oh, how holy a kiss.

And to think this is still just the first page in…”






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