Welcome Home

I unexpectedly moved into our new house on March 10th after a day of running errands and knocking out things on our wedding/new life to-do list. That morning, we were only going to move my bed and few necessities just to allow me to live closer to work; knocking off 2+ hours/day driving time and crazy gas prices. The bed wouldn’t fit into the back of the SUV like planned, so at 10am my super-(star)strong friend Emily and I were on our way to pick up a U-Haul and load it up with as much as we could fit for as long as we had it. What an adventure, two girls packing up a truck, backing it into an urban driveway and moving in.

All in under 8 hours!

My sweet friends (and bridesmaids), Tara and Emily, helped me deep-clean the house, entertained me, kept me company, and helped me knock it out! What a whirlwind it was!

Currently, my days of 2+ hours of driving time are over. In this season, the peace and quiet of living alone is good for my heart, but feels so rare with all of these “action items” nagging at me. I hate having Seth far away with all this going on. All of my energy goes into learning, growing, bringing life and light into my store. It’s challenging and rewarding and draining and everything I was made to do. What little time I have left after sleeping and working out (I’m lucky if I find time for both of those) I’m trying to balance with heart-calming Holy Spirit time and to-do lists.

My to-do lists include the dinner I had been putting off for a couple months with the friend who just needed a listening ear, that happy-hour I keep canceling, singing on the worship team, moving the rest of my stuff out of my parents house in preparation for my Bridal shower next weekend, along with a whole spreadsheet of “in progress” tasks.

Just reading all of this makes me overwhelmed.
It’s no wonder I feel so crazy…

I hate having Seth far away.


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