Take the Time to Be Okay

Today is the most normal I’ve felt since everything seemed to shatter.

I spent the morning drinking coffee and writing – something that is so rare since my mornings usually consist of 5 AM (or even 3 AM) wake-up calls, “good morning!”s, and hustling all of corporate America in-and-out our doors in a better mood than what they walked in with.

I took a bubble bath, I cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the floors, lit candles, put away laundry, traded some stocks, made some iced mango black tea and colored with chalk outside while I prayed.

I took a walk to the neighborhood market for some red wine to sip on while I watch the sun go down.





It feels like almost-summer as I watch everything change colors listening to the same song on repeat:

“Take the time to start anew
Maybe it’s in front of you
Take the time to walk down your street
And heaven knows who you might meet
Take the time to be okay
And laugh a bit along the way
You could take me for a ride
We could just drive all day

And we could breathe again
Step outside our front door
And gaze upon the stars
And know we’re not alone
So run into the fields
Scream louder than you can
It’s good to be alive
And breathing air again”


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