A Lovely Afternoon

The Bible says that the “eyes are the lamp to the body”. In Philippians 4 Paul tells us to meditate on whatever is good, whatever is praise-worthy.
Guarding our eyes isn’t just not looking at the bad stuff, it’s CHOOSING TO LOOK AT THE GOOD STUFF.
There is good stuff going on all around us, even in the midst of hardship and the midst of struggle, there’s good things that are happening. WE CAN CHOOSE TO LOOK AT THE GOOD THAT SURROUNDS US and WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON GROWS.

My morning started early with pouring rain, candles lit, coffee time, and worship.
I paced my little house, listening to the same worship set for literally five hours, welcoming and encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit AND THE HOPE AND PEACE AND LIFE TO MY HEART THAT HE BRINGS.


I walked through the rain to the gym. I love my little neighborhood.
I came home to break open my new blender and make a chocolate-pineapple protein shake.
I wandered around my house again singing at the top of my lungs to the same worship set I had listened to all morning. I started to make some veggies, taking breaks to sing and dance around my kitchen with spatula in hand! It’s so FUN to sing and breathe and live and CREATE!

Days like these are my ELEMENT.

Here’s the how-to for the curried green beans & onions I made this afternoon:
(it’s a lot more fun to make if you take a few breaks to sing, dance, and love Jesus)

– Start off by sauteing garlic and onions in olive oil, freshly cracked sea salt and black peppercorn until onions caramelize.
– Add a handful (or two!) of french cut green beans (or whatever vegetables you want to use: sliced bell peppers, corn, carrots, celery, etc.)
– In another saucepan mix:
* about 1/4 c. of water and cornstarch to reach a “sauce” consistency
* a little honey
* splash of coconut milk
* splash of olive oil
* freshly chopped ginger
* red chili flakes
*  freshly cracked sea salt and black peppercorn
*  garlic
* and LOTS and LOTS of yellow curry powder!

* Just mix all of your ingredients until you get the desired flavor. Thai food is sweet, spicy, and salty so it’s fun to get to be creative and bring out the flavors you love most!
Next time I think I’ll add some freshly chopped cilantro!

Cooking is so fun and creative! As long as you get the basics of what you’re creating (the flavors that go best with each other), you have the FREEDOM to mix it up; playing around with different amounts of spices to make something you’ll think is absolutely delicious (and nutritious!).

Knock yourself, enjoy your lovely afternoon and creating something beautiful; it’s GOOD!
Find the good around you – you’re SO blessed to have it!


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