Sunday Morning

Can I just say how much I love my little house that God gave me?

It is SO FUN – after so many months of just praying and praying for God’s perfect solution to my unique circumstances – to look around my house and be reminded in EVERY LITTLE DETAIL that God GAVE that to me!

And not only was it a perfect solution, it EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS AND PRAYERS, fulfilling the desires in my heart that I didn’t even think to pray about! Every little detail in here is so “me” from the hardwood floors, the retro kitchen, the vintage tub, the paint colors, and the grill-out/bonfire area at the top of the driveway.

I didn’t even THINK to ask the Lord for these things, but HE KNEW!

Just looking around, I’m reminded of His faithfulness! What a blessing to His heart to give me a home that is a testimony to His GOODNESS towards me, His interest in EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF MY LIFE, that causes my heart to swell with thankfulness and gladness!

I might as well be living in a castle! I feel like royalty, blessed BEYOND MEASURE with such a cute, clean house that the Holy Spirit DWELLS in. His presence is here and PEACE and REFUGE mark my home now. What a wonderful thing.

Speaking of cleaning, I had to stop myself in the middle of wiping down the inside of my fridge and smile, realizing how much JOY I get out of keeping my house clean and being a good steward of this blessing.

I have this Sunday morning routine where I get up, have coffee, worship, read & write, go for a run, drink a protein shake, deep clean the house, and make an afternoon trip to Trader Joe’s. It’s just the little things like a Sunday morning routine that bring JOY and DELIGHT my heart. And it’s so fun!

Someday I’ll share my Sunday morning, but for now, I’m just ENJOYING!


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