Getting mail is so much more exciting (and sentimental) when you have your own mailbox!

In the last few weeks I’ve had some amazingly beautiful (precious, valued, no-one-like-them) people take time out of their lives to think of me and put something in my mailbox to remind me of how loved I am.

Maybe it’s the fact that I live alone, or the fact that in this day and age most communication isn’t tangible, or maybe it’s that my little vulnerable heart is so TOUCHED at the thought of the ones I love loving me in return.

It’s the words of affirmation, the encouragement written in different colored ink – real ink, people! and real cards too – and the extended hand and opened heart that brightens your day and season with hope, leaving you feeling appreciated and enlivened.

I bet you didn’t know WHAT wonders that would do for my heart, did you?

I’ve been inspired to include Hallmark in my prophetic encouragement ministry.

Take the time, remember the people you love.
It’s the little things in life that make living that much richer.

I have a lot to learn from these sweet friends of mine.


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