One Day at a Time in the Secret Place

I’m having a “she only drinks coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right” moment.

Tonight we talked about how it’s good to end the night on a good note. I suggested that he do something – even if just for a moment – that seems to redeem the day.
Something you love.
Something that makes your heart come alive.

I took my own advice; turned off the lights, lit candles, made a cup of coffee and a playlist, and sat back to sing and be rocked by the rhythm of heaven.
Rest. This is one of the FEW places I can rest.
Fullness of joy.
I find so many good things when I’m found in his presence.

Everything changes in his presence.

It’s such a happy thing that this kind of heart-changing experience is available to the hungry at any time of day, in any situation!

Just incase you get inspired to make a cup of coffee, turn off the lights, kick back, welcome the Holy Spirit, and let his goodness rush over you:

Songs That Will Change Your Heart:

  • “A Little Longer” – Brian & Jenn Johnson
  • “Your Presence” – Jenn Johnson
  • “Spontaneous (You Make Me Happy)” – Jenn Johnson
  • “God I Look to You (ft. Jenn Johnson)” – Bethel Live
  • “I Will Exalt (ft. Amanda Falk)” – Bethel Live
  • “You’re Beautiful” – Phil Wickham
  • “Dance With Me” – Chris Quilala
  • “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful” – Melissa How
  • “Obsession” – Chris Quilala
  • “You are Faithful” – Kim Walker-Smith
  • “Those Who Dream” – Kristene Mueller
  • “All My Devotion” – Kristene Mueller
  • “Praise the Lord” – Kristene Mueller
  • “Beautiful Mercy” – Laura Hackett

(ABSOLUTELY worth the $0.99 on itunes)


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