Maybe I Missed My Calling…

I’m listening to Josh Garrels over and over tonight and exercising my creativity with healthy vision in the kitchen.

You can find Josh Garrels’ new album here and download it for free while you make this delicious grilled salad as a prophetic message to summer: “get a freaking move on”.

Grab a couple corn on the cob. Get rid of the silk but leave the husks. Dip the whole deal in some water and throw on the grill. You’ll cook the corn until the husks look burned and the corn on the inside gives way when you touch it.

You’ll use a serrated knife and cut the corn off the cob. Grab a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes that you’ll cut in half. Add the tomatoes and corn to a mixing bowl with a finely chopped vidalia onion.

In a blender you’ll throw a handful of fresh basil (preferably your pride and joy from the garden!), 1/4 c. of rice wine vinegar, fresh cracked sea salt and black pepper, a couple glugs of extra virgin olive oil, and a extra large pinch of “brown sugar” splenda. (If you don’t care about cutting sugar and calories, you should substitute honey for this brain-killing chemical which is basically chlorine…oops!)

Blend all the ingredients together until everything is liquified. This is a great way to make a creamy vinaigrette without adding all of the high-calorie ingredients like mayonnaise, egg yolks, cream, etc.

Add a handful of blue cheese to the corn, onion, and tomatoes in your mixing bowl. Remember, blue cheese is a very strong flavor. You don’t want to turn this into a blue cheese salad, you want it to compliment the corn and tomato flavors and not overpower the basil vinaigrette you just made.

Drizzle the basil vinaigrette around the inside edges of your mixing bowl and mix it in with all of your ingredients. Top your salad with grilled chicken breasts and enjoy!

This is the perfect salad to take with you on a picnic or to a summer pot luck. Or just do what I’m doing and make a big batch to top romaine lettuce with for the week’s lunches.

Your body will thank you.
So will your taste buds.

Go be amazing.

(I need a family of 8 to cook for.)


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