Fresh Awakening

Perfect way to finish a day in the sun: eating and drinking fresh in the company of kindred spirits.

You can make this salad ahead of time for your next picnic or summer adventure. Add to a bed of chopped romaine lettuce when you’re ready to eat and enjoy!

I mixed a can of organic yellow corn (drained) with half of a chopped vidalia onion, and a few handfuls of grape tomatoes chopped in half. I drizzled the veggies with this amazing Trader Joe’s Cilantro Vinaigrette and added a bunch of chopped grilled chicken and fresh cilantro from my garden.

(Since it was so hot and I didn’t feel like actually cooking I used the Bourbon Chicken from Lund’s which is so flavorful with lots of green onions and cajun seasoning. Season your chicken however you like, you just want to make sure you’re keeping with the “theme” of the dish. Rubbing your chicken with garlic, sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper before grilling is always a safe bet!)

When we were ready to eat I added chopped romaine lettuce to everyone’s plate, topped it with the salad, sliced avocados, and four pepper goat cheese.

With  salads, the sky is the limit! You get to be as creative or simple as you want. Next time I’m going to add Sriracha (an amazing hot sauce made with sun-ripened chilies and garlic most commonly used in thai dishes), crushed blue corn tortilla chips, and black beans. Of course, I remembered all of these things that I had originally planned on including while we were eating!

This fresh salad pairs perfectly with  a properly made mojito, lots of laughing, and a setting sun.

In a glass you’ll add just a dash of sugar in the raw, a squeeze of one lime wedge, and fresh mint leaves from the garden. Muddle all of the ingredients in the bottom of the glass using a rounded wooden spoon (or sugarcane like the cubans do!) to release the mint and lime flavors and dissolve the sugar.

Top the muddled mixture with ice and add the clear rum of your choice. We added Bicardi Rock Coconut Rum (infused with coconut water and rock melon) and topped everything off with La Croix coconut flavored sparkling water.


(It’s important to note that this dinner/drink combination earned me two marriage proposals on the condition that I’d cook and feed them for the rest of my days. I’d say that means this is one worth trying! Re-routing your future can be so DELICIOUS!)



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