You Will Find Me There; Where Light Gives Way to Color

Where’s the fault in loving you with my whole heart?

I’m bravely choosing to encounter that which I’ve been avoiding; the deep recesses of my heart.
Parts containing colors and that I’ve yet to see, hidden under shadows and just beyond corners, waiting to be unveiled.

And the challenge is: Where’s the fault in subscribing to the idea that God is SO MUCH better than I imagine? Where’s the fault in subscribing to the idea that I’m so much better than I imagine?

So much more LOVING.
So much more compassionate.
So much more HAPPY.
So much more generous.
So much better.
So much better.

What if I believe that the goodness of God TOWARDS ME is actually BEYOND the most extravagant measure of my imagination? What if I believe that the treasure (value, power, color) in my heart that is still waiting to be fully revealed is brighter than the fulfillment of the greatest dream of my heart?

If I’m looking through the lens of love, the colors change, the hope arises, the ceiling is lifted, and our perspective expands with prism-like color and power.

All we need is the light to hit the three-sided structure of our heart. The encounter – sometimes seemingly violently colliding – with our heart causes the light to be revealed, refracted, focused, and translated by way of COLOR. It’s only in this way that we see the rainbow resting on the wall.

In this way, I’m learning that he’s working ALL things for MY GOOD, right here, right now. In this moment, in this second, in this season, he is ACTIVELY WORKING ALL things for MY GOOD.
It’s not some far off, in the distance hope, it’s HERE.

The colors, without translation tell of the GOODNESS, the BRIGHTNESS of your SHINING.
I SEE in the collision of light and facets.


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