Days I’ll Want to Remember

I remember the memorable Sunday afternoon with the one who knows, understands, and shares the same heart as mine.

We wandered into a handmade boutique  full of sentimental reminders of heartbeats and vision.

“Lunch according to Reese: tic tacs and diet energy drinks” – on our way to Wisconsin for a weekend of camping, bonfires, and waterfalls. 

We’ve talked about going camping for three years…now we’re older, wiser, and much more excited!

Home sweet home.

I’m going to add “setting up a tent in a dress” as something that embodies who I am. 

Of course we had a bonfire AND candles. Mood-setting, emotionally evoking lighting.

I spent the rest of the weekend being domestic, “handy”, creative, and ambitiously productive.

I stripped, sanded, and refinished not one but three dressers. Here’s to making everything beautiful and living up to it’s fullest potential.


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