Green Bean Fries



The truth is: I’d rather eat green bean fries than french fries any day! I realize that this is coming from the girl who would rather have alfredo sauce over grilled veggies and spinach than pasta so I don’t expect everyone to share the same sentiment.


However, despite how you might feel regarding deep-fried nastiness or vitamin C content, these “Green Bean Fries” are delicious, healthy, and easy to make!

In my favorite Ikea mixing bowl (do yourself a favor) I tossed some Trader Joe’s french cut green beans with chopped garlic and a light drizzle of olive oil.

Here’s the part where you get to be creative. Usually when roasting vegetables I toss them with freshly cracked peppercorn and sea salt, but my friends Steve and Torrie left this incredible Louisiana Cajun Seasoning at my house during out last cook out.

Add your own blend of seasoning to your heart’s desire. Just make sure there’s at least a little bit of salt included to draw the water out of the vegetables.

I tossed my green beans with tongs and laid them out in a single layer on this French Silpat baking mat (again, do yourself a favor). This mat is great for roasting vegetables because NOTHING sticks to it. I’ve one-upped the Reynold’s wrap ladies – “clean up’s a breeze!”. How’s that for healthy and easy?

Roast your green beans at 425 for 15 min. turning halfway to make sure they get crispy without burning.

Dip in ketchup, ranch dressing, or this amazing tarragon dijon mustard that you’ll only find down the street from me in my Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood.









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