Maybe I’m Not Too Young to be a Cowboy

I have this thing about eating any kind of meat on bones. It involves a traumatic story involving a Catholic prep school, a newly adopted orphan from Russia, and a hot lunch of southern fried chicken.

Still, one of my favorite flavors is buffalo sauce (boneless, of course). Through the last year I’ve “invented” some delicious wraps and Wild Naked Wings but in the last 24 hours I “creatively engineered” this incredible soup. Twice.

In a saucepan I sauteed 2T butter and some chopped celery with some shredded (and chopped into smaller pieces) carrots with garlic, sweet vidalia onion, green onion, cilantro, and finely chopped chili peppers (you can use sriracha or cayenne as a substitute). I added a little bit of salt just to draw out the juices from the vegetables as they cooked.

Saute the vegetables until they’re just a little tender (I like to have a fresh “crunch” to my veggies) and add about 24 oz. of chicken broth. You’ll add a splash of milk (I used a tiny splash of heavy whipping cream from an alfredo sauce I made from scratch earlier in the week) and a few tablespoons of flour (mixed in a little water first to make a paste and thicken the soup) and about 4 oz. of blue cheese.

Bring your soup to an uncovered  rolling boil. Once the soup gets to the consistency you’re looking for (add more or less flour or water depending on what you’re going for) you’ll want to add your buffalo sauce. I chose Franks Buffalo Sauce. I use it on pretty much everything; wraps, eggs, sandwiches, vegetables, etc. I have an addictive personality. Clearly.

You’ll top your soup with a few slices of grilled chicken breast, fresh sprigs of cilantro, and crumbles of blue cheese.

I am 100% American.


(picture didn’t want to seem to load. stand by.)


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