I Think I’ll Quit My Day Job

Looking on the Trader Joe’s website the other day inspired me to make my own healthy version of a Thai Chicken pizza.

In a saucepan, saute some garlic, ginger, shredded carrots and onion in a little bit of oil. Add a little bit of salt to draw the water out of your root vegetables. Add a little bit of coconut milk, natural peanut butter, curry powdercrushed red pepper, and cayenne. You’ll use honey to sweeten this curry to your preferred taste. I added some chopped chicken and egg whites that I had previously cooked in a separate pan.

While you’re creating your chicken curry you want to get a piece of lavash in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes. You’ll have to watch it and add more or less time as necessary but when it looks like a crispy golden graham cracker you’ll know it’s done.

After your lavash is cooked you’ll spread your curried chicken mixture on top. Especially if you’re using lavash you’ll want to be contentious of how much sauce you’re using since you don’t want it to make the “crust” soggy and unable to carry the weight of all this delicious goodness. My friend Tara invented her own Thai Chicken pizza last week and she uses naan which allows you to be more liberal when topping your pizza. You get to choose. I like the lavash because this whole piece is only 100 calories (and I ended up only being able to eat 1/4 of the pizza).

Follow your heart. But no matter what you choose you’ll want to top your crust-of-choice ASAP. Leave the oven on, just turn it up all the way to “broil” and lightly crumble some feta cheese. Feta. I know. It sounds like a poor choice but I liked the fact that it wouldn’t melt like the traditional mozzarella and would add just a subtle amount of rich flavor, making the curried chicken more of the focal point.

I broiled the pizza for several minutes until I started to see the edges of the lavash and the tops of the feta crumbles start to brown. After I pulled it out of the oven I topped it with freshly chopped cilantro and green onions.

I cut the pizza into 12 squares and was surprised by how little I could eat – such intensely delicious flavors, you’d never know that this was the healthy version.

Come over and eat the rest!


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