There’s a Treasure in Your Darkness

“It’s funny how the Kingdom grows in dirt”

It’s funny how seed goes into the ground and dies and then it begins to grow something powerful.

I heard him speak of the science experiment we all took part in as little kids. You know, the one where we hide a tiny speck into a cup piled with dirt.
And we watch.
We wait.
And it seems pointless.

Then one day a hint of color breaks through and you realize it wasn’t in vain at all.

There are things that are just really hard and don’t seem to be good, but the Lord has a way of breaking through darkness. Actually, in darkness the seed of God is growing; coming into existence, developing, creating.

If you’re in a place of darkness – your circumstances seem really dark – there is hope that out of this dirt a treasure will be born.

Out of your darkness will come a great light.

For most of us that think there is something really wrong, there is actually something going really right. 


“God takes a long time to act suddenly”


Light and life to dark places that bring forth treasures, promotion, and abundance.

It’s time to reap with joyful shouting.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick but there is a tree of life that is shooting up.

It’s time to move.


You make beautiful things out of dirt


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