Love is a Verb

When I agreed to officiate this wedding I thought that by then I would have been married for several months. I figured that I would speak out of the overflow of my heart and marriage. I’d tell about the things I had learned, the treasures and wisdom I found there, and impart it to this new couple that would be joining their hearts and lives together forever.

The year quickly went by and I was officiating a wedding at a different place in my life than I had imagined. Still, I dug up the treasures and wisdom I had discovered in the overflow of this season and managed to piece together what I have learned to be the gold in real love.

The key; that love is something you choose.
It’s a choice you make between yourself and another; between grace and offense, between kindness and self-defense, between compassion and expectation.

You GET to CHOOSE to love.
It’s an honor, it’s a privilege, to learn to love well along the way.

These words reflect where I’m at in my journey of learning how to love well and the vision that (I believe) is foundational for a healthy, growing, thriving and rich relationship.


“A wise man once said that “where there is no vision, the people perish”. These words were spoken out of understanding that a heart full of vision cultivates an environment that causes one to live, and grow and thrive IN LOVE.

This man understood that vision, desire and purpose is the motivating force behind the choices we make in our journey in life.

And that’s what Love is: It’s a choice.
Love is a person, it’s an action and it’s a choice.

And many years ago you chose each other. You made a choice. You made a choice to learn and grow together in love.

And that’s exactly what you’re doing all over again today.

This vision: that above ALL things you would choose love is the motivating force behind the choice you are making today.

And for the rest of your lives together as you to learn and grow, you’ll be continually confronted with the choice to CHOOSE love, to choose each other, to love each other WELL.”

A year later, I’m in a different season, but I hope that this exhortation to choose love is found and developed in its fullness through the overflow of my heart.


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