Would Jesus Wear a Bikini? (Vol. 1)

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

I realize this is a little late, seeing as Halloween has already come and passed, but I wanted to officially add to my “on-going collection of thoughts” my feelings about Halloween this year at this point in my life.

I hate halloween. At our age it’s either super scary or super skanky, but I mostly hate it for this reason: it’s such a dividing, seemingly confusing and controversial issue in the “church”. But I’ve concluded this year that bottom line, Holy Spirit leads us into ALL TRUTH. We are responsible for being sensitive to HIS leadership in OUR LIVES. Its the same conversation as bikinis at the beach: Halloween (or bikinis) might not be an issue that Holy Spirit is working on in me at this point in my life. Or maybe at this point in my life, I’m super sensitive, and I’m feeling led NOT to participate at all.

You know? There’s so many issues like this where it really is between us & Holy spirit & where we’re at in our journey with him. I am just offering another point of view. I hate halloween but I also don’t think God is disappointed, as if we’ve chosen the “lesser way”, when we dress up our little babes as princesses and superheroes and pump them full of suga’!

I feel like this has been bouncing all around in my head for October so needless to say I’m glad Halloween is done & now we can get around to celebrating the SWEET holidays like being thankful for our little lives & baby Jesus….but it’s a challenging & thought provoking conversation to have nonetheless.

And after coming around full circle, from one end to the other, I have to take a look at the situation and realize I am FREE to make my decision, the Lord is ALREADY WELL PLEASED with me, and I can trust his sweet, specific, and intimate leadership in my life to help me navigate issues of “what he would do”.

Remembering that frees me up to PARTNER with Holy Spirit in my decision and to GIVE GRACE to others who might be working through other decisions with him in different ways – to love them right where they’re at.

This year, as I was racking my brain about it, what he thinks, how I wanted to respond, etc. I DID hear him say, “If you don’t speak life over & bless the little “trick-or-treaters”, WHO WILL?” …so that’s exactly what we did! Jesus-people, lets “do Halloween” differently than the rest!


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